July 4, 2004
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(1961) UPOV, the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, is negotiated in Paris, France; the goal of the Convention of Paris is to make uniform the enactment and enforcement of Plant Breeders' Rights legislation around the world.

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West Nile Virus Update: Fight the Bite

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It's time! West Nile virus activity is occurring in many parts of the country. This is the season to start using repellent and eliminating mosquito breeding sites in order to protect yourself, your family and your community from West Nile virus.

When dealing with West Nile virus, prevention is your best bet. Fighting mosquito bites reduces your risk of getting this disease, along with others that mosquitoes can carry. Take the commonsense steps below to reduce your risk: avoid bites and illness; clean out the mosquitoes from the places where you work and play; and help your community control the disease.

Something to remember: The chance that any one person is going to become ill from a single mosquito bite remains low. The risk of severe illness and death is highest for people over 50 years old, although people of all ages can become ill.


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University of Washington Microarray Workshop

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