June 10, 2004
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(1950) The U.S. Army tests the spread and survival of simulants, which are actually Serratia marcescens bacteria, by spraying them over San Francisco. Within days, one San Franciscan is dead and many others are ill with unusual Serratia infection.

Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting, June 23 - 24, Reston, Virginia

UW BioArray Center: Microarray Data Analysis Workshop, June 21-22 & July 13 - 14, Seattle

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The mission of the Oregon Bioscience Association (OBA) is to promote the growth and quality of the bioscience industry in the State of Oregon and ensure it achieves its full economic and social potential. OBA is a non-profit association with membership open to any company, organization or individual with an interest in biotechnology, medical devices, or the life sciences.


  • Identify and enhance the development of emerging technology for economic development in Oregon.

  • Work to promote the ability of all Oregon scientists, academic and industrial, to do research and help to provide these scientists with the tools necessary for reaping the economic benefits of their research.

  • Inform the local, national, and international business communities about the potential of the biotechnology industry in Oregon.

  • Support governmental policies and actions that promote the growth of the industry while protecting the public interest.

  • Work to educate Oregon's natural resource industries about the uses of biotechnology in their businesses.

  • Provide the public with accurate, balanced, and understandable information about biotechnology, especially concerning particular activities in the state.

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For additional information, please contact:

Oregon Bioscience Association
Paul Woloshin, MBA, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Phone: 503.241.3834
Fax: 503.241.3754
E-mail: oba@woloshin.com

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University of Washington Microarray Workshop

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