June 14, 2004
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(1850) British surgeon Joseph Lister begins the practice of antisepsis, and who was later immortalized in the trade name Listerine.

Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting, June 23 - 24, Reston, Virginia

UW BioArray Center: Microarray Data Analysis Workshop, June 21-22 & July 13 - 14, Seattle


Intellectual property, a valuble assetLooking for a company, person or technology? Need a facility, laboratory, equipment and supplies? Want to market your company’s products or services? In our “Industry” section you can access the most comprehensive information about local biotechnology and medical device companies: an online industry directory, facilities available for lease or sale, health & safety resources, discount purchasing, technology transfer, and more. Real estate professionals can obtain information about our unique facility advertising services that allow you to cost effectively market your facilities locally or nationally. If you have a question about our facility or other advertising services or are aware of a resource that we should include, please submit it through the following: Feedback.

ATC clean room constructors...validation guaranteed!

Monoclonal Antibodies: Unique Veterinary Diagnostics? New Hybridomas? Large Quantities? ...Click Here.

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Scientists Believe Dog Genome Holds a Wealth of Information that Will Benefit Human Health

SEATTLE - Recently completed genetic analysis reveals that half of the more than 300 inherited canine disorders — including a number of cancers — resemble specific diseases of man; many scientists believe that the dog genome holds a wealth of information that will benefit human health.

A new genetic analysis of man's best friend could help scientists explain why a border collie has knack for herding or why poodles sport a curly coat. In the May 21 issue of Science, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center report the first extensive genetic comparison of domestic dog breeds.


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