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(1951) American Joshua Lederberg shows that some bacteria can conjugate or come together and exchange part of themselves with one another. He calls the material exchanged the plasmid.

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Info.Resource works very closely with partnering industry associations, its industry subgroups (e.g. human resource professionals, facility and health/safety managers, regulatory and clinical affairs professionals, etc.), and their member firms. Info.Resource also works closely with a formal advisory board comprised of individuals from industry, industry associations and educational community.

Info.Resource Advisory Board Members:

  • Rob Arnold, Executive Director
  • Doug Getter, Executive Director
    Iowa Biotechnology Association
  • Thomas Kowalski, President
    Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute
  • Erik D. Laursen, Senior Director, Manufacturing
    NeoRx Corporation
  • Janice M. LeCocq, Partner
    Collins Mabry & Co., L.L.C.
  • Brian Moss, President
    Utah Life Association
  • J. Thomas Ranken, CEO
    Vizx Labs, LLC
  • Ruth Martens Scott, President
    Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association
  • Lenny Van Pelt, Founder and Attorney-At-Law
    International Patient Advocacy Association

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Metanon: The Biocode Adventure -- DNA Gentics Board Game

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