July 3, 2004
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(1898) The USDA creates the Section of Seed and Plant Introduction, which assigns its first Plant Introduction Number, PI#1, to a common Russian cabbage.

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Education is hands-on In our “Education” section you can access biotechnology and other science related books that will help you understand the world of biotechnology, help students understand human life science, and help new employees with the chemistry degrees understand physics, genetics or statistics; download hands-on biotechnology related teaching curricula; access extensive links to local, national and international K-12 biotechnology educational resources, and participate in industry-education networking opportunities in your local community. If you have a question or are aware of an educational resource that we should include, please submit it through the following: Feedback.

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Balance Fun and Safety To Enjoy Recreational Water Activities: CDC Study Shows Impact of Water Dangers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Pools, lakes, and oceans can provide hours of summer fun and physical activity, but recreational waters can also be dangerous. In 2001, more than 3300 people drowned and 4,100 people were treated in an emergency department for nonfatal drowning injuries in the United States according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study released today. More than half of those treated in emergency departments required hospital admission or transfer for higher levels of care. Other research studies indicate that these nonfatal drownings may result in brain damage or other long-term adverse effects.

Published in the June 4th issue of the CDC journal, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, CDC researchers note that this is the first national estimate for nonfatal drowning injuries treated in emergency departments. Children ages four or younger and males of all ages were at the greatest risk.


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