Apr. 18, 2005
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(1988) Scientists from the USDA and Crop Genetics International inject 2,200 corn plants with the world's first genetically engineered plant vaccine.

Clinical Trials Breakfast Lecture: Under the New Regulatory Climate, May 10 - Seattle (pdf 155 kb)

Fifth Annual Northwest Gene Expression Conference, May 25-27, Seattle...Sign up now!

CEO Reading List

Lorraine Ruff, B.Sc, APR
Milestones - the critical thinking company
Seattle, WA


Lorraine Ruff is a partner at Milestones -- the critical thinking company, formed in 1997 with partner, David A. Gabrilska. Previously, Lorraine was regional general manager of Hill & Knowlton New England and Director for that company’s international bioscience communications practice. While at Arthur D. Little she re-imaged the international technology and management consulting firm at its 100th year of operations. She began her career as a science and technology reporter for the Portland Oregonian.

Education: B. Sc. Journalism and Science, Oregon State University; APR, accredited public relations.

Suggested "Genetic Sci-fi" Reading

"One of our many interests is how today’s cutting-edge technologies are being interpreted in fictional accounts. Fiction has a way of reporting the degree of acceptance and/or angst society may perceive regarding applied technologies and their intersection with ethics, religiosity, and that component of society that is fundamentally opposed to the change that technology imposes. Genetic thrillers also have the capacity to educate as well as to distort. Individuals engaged in the commerce of science and applied technology should be aware of the spectrum. Lorraine Ruff’s book list reports on current trends in medical- genetic- and biotechnology-thrillers, an expanding genre, where perception is frequently reported as reality.

Company Profile

Milestones is a technology management consulting and strategic communications firm that counsels chairmen, presidents and CEOs of advanced technology and emerging growth biomedical companies. The commonality among the firm’s clients is to communicate complex technologies in clear and concise terms so that milestones can be achieved.

Lorraine Ruff's Suggested Reading List

The Genesis Code
By John F. Case,
Fawcett Books, 1997.
case_genesis.gif (3893 bytes)
case_horseman.gif (9302 bytes)

The First Horseman
By John F. Case,
Fawcett Books, 1998.

The Pleistocene Redemption
By Dan Gallagher,
Ancient Prophecies, 1997.
gallagher.gif (14923 bytes)
by Patrick Lynch,
Berkley Pub Group, 1996.
lynch_patrick.gif (6007 bytes)
palmer.gif (12340 bytes)

Miracle Cure
by Michael Palmer,
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publications, 1998.

The Cobra Event
By Richard Preston,
Random House, 1997.

preston.gif (6005 bytes)

sagan.gif (5428 bytes)

By Carl Sagan,
Pocket Books, 1997.

The Magic Bullet
By Harry Stein,
Island Books, 1996.
stein.gif (4308 bytes)
Other Books
ries_branding.gif (9628 bytes)

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding -- How to Build a Product or Service into a World-Class Brand
By Al Reis and Laura Ries,
1st edition, Harper Collins,1998.

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