June 25, 2004
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Amnis Corporation

Research Scientist, Biology

Amnis is seeking a Research Scientist for the Biological Applications Group. Candidates are being sought with expertise in cell biology, flow cytometry and imaging technologies. The position will be responsible for developing biological applications for Amnisí proprietary ImageStream technology (see www.amnis.com for technology details).

Ph.D. or equivalent laboratory experience is required and experience with flow cytomtery, confocal microscopy and cell biology in the areas of Immunology and Hematology will be advantageous. The position requires active hands-on laboratory bench work.

The ability to work well in a multi-disciplined team oriented environment is required as well as the ability to work independently on a developmental project. Excellent communication skills are required.

Please e-mail resume to:

Amnis Corporation

Email: careers@amnis.com

Amnis Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Submitted: 06/08/2004

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