June 23, 2004
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(1988) FDA enacts accelerated regulatory process for products combating terminal diseases.

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MD Biosciences, Inc.

Marketing of Biotech Research Reagents and Kits

MD Biosciences, Inc., is the US subsidiary of our internationally active company, providing research reagents and contract services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Our products include antibodies, proteins and kits for use in specific research fields.The company is situated in St. Paul, MN and works closely with other MD Biosciences subsidiaries as well as the headquarters located in Switzerland.

MD Biosciences currently has an open MARKETING position at its growing St. Paul subsidiary for its reagents and kits. In this position, you will work closely with our management to devise marketing concepts, strategies, mailings, and maintain the presence of our company in target areas. You will organize trade show presence and attend these together with other sales or management staff.

Candidates must have an education background in biochemistry, immunology or a related field. Research experience is an advantage. Candidates must also have some marketing and sales experience preferably in the area of biotechnology related products and services. This position will involve limited travelling mainly to attend trade shows and visit key customers.

Interested? If so, please send your CV and any other information you wish to submit to us to the e-mail below. We look forward to hearing from you.

MD Biosciences, Inc.
Eddie Moradian, PhD

Email: eddie@mdbiosciences.com

MD Biosciences, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Submitted: 05/17/2004

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