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Feb. 29, 2004
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(1967) The National Academy of Sciences reports that the practice of adding antibiotics to animal food, while producing greater yields, may leave traces of antibiotics in meat, thus increasing drug resistance among bacteria.

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Biotechnology Facilities Available for Sale/Lease

Advertise Available Facilities! Learn about biotechnology & medical technology facilities available for sale, lease or sublease in Oregon, as well as nationwide. This is an online resource for individuals looking for suitable space to start or expand a company or for individuals that want to cost effectively advertise available facilities.

All listed facilities have air and water systems, chemical fume hoods, and other required amenities in-place for immediate occupancy or custmized build-out for biotechnology and medical device company use. If you are interested in advertising a facility, please access: Facility Ad Information.

Advertise available facilities for sale or lease here...

  • Biotechnology Lab Space, Harrison Street -- Seattle, WANew Facility Ad!
  • Biotechnology Lab Space, 5th Avenue -- Seattle, WA
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus -- Austin, TX
  • Syntrix Biosystems Start-up Space -- Seattle, WA

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