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(1988) The U.S. Postal Service proposes to ban mailings of microbe samples capable of causing diseases. Of 90,000 samples mailed in 1987, only three leaks - of innocuous microbes - are reported.

Radiation safety & chemical hygiene training now available through

bioLOGIC USA: The business strategy event for biomanufacturing, October 18 - 20, Boston

Definition of Medical Technology

Education is hands-on. (med´i k'l tek´näl´ o je) [Fr. me´dical < LL. medicalis < L. medicus, physician] adj. [Gr. technologia, systematic treatment: see TECHNIC & LOGY] n.

1. Medical technology refers to the use of novel technology to develop highly sophisticated electronic products or medical devices for application in healthcare markets.

Definition of Biotechnology

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