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Feb. 20, 2004
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(1971) University of Iowa dental researcher George Andreasen invents the nickel and titanium-alloy archwire, a flexible orthodontic wire that becomes the industry standard.

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Technology Transfer Resources

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MSU TechLink Center
Robin Béquet
Technology Manager
900 Technology Boulevard, Suite A
Bozeman, MT 59718-6857
Phone: 406.994.7776
Fax: 406.994.7701
E-mail: rbequet@montana.edu

MSU TechLink Center, operated by Montana State University, develops strategic partnerships between the Department of Defense, NASA, and private industry for technology licensing, transfer, R&D;, and commercialization.laboratories and biomedical companies in the Northwest.

Oregon Health & Science University
Office of Technology Transfer
2525 SW 1st Ave. Suite 120
Mail Code: AD120
Portland, OR 97201-4753
Phone: 503.494.8200
Fax: fax: 503.494.4729
E-mail: techmgmt@ohsu.edu

The Vision of Technology & Research Collaborations is to be nationally respected as the model for managing University/Industry Collaborations. This is achieved by: facilitating the transfer of new knowledge and technology to the commercial sector for the ultimate benefit of the public; protecting and managing the intellectual property assets of OHSU while preserving academic freedom and opportunity; and generating income and resources for OHSU through a broad spectrum of University/Industry relationships.

Oregon State University
Office of Technology Transfer
William W. Hostetler
Director of Technology Transfer
312 Kerr Administration Building
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541.737.0674
Fax: 541.737.3093
E-mail: researchsupport@oregonstate.edu

The mission of the Office of Technology Transfer is to bring technologies from Oregon State University into public use. By doing so Technology Transfer provides economic development assistance to state and federal agencies and Oregon companies to benefit Oregon constituents; provides service to faculty and departments, including education on patent, copyright and licensing issues; assists in identifying, protecting, developing and transferring technology to the private sector; and generates income.

University of Oregon, Office of Technology Transfer
Don Gerhart, Ph.D.
1238 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1238
Phone: 541.346.3176
Fax: 541.346.5215
E-mail: gerhart@techtran.uoregon.edu

The major objectives of the University of Oregon Office of Technolgy Transfer are to transfer new knowledge and technology for the benefit of the public, to diversify and increase corporate support of faculty research, and to protect and manage the intellectual property assets of the University.

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