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Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus
Available for Sale

Austin Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Available for Sale or Lease, Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Location: Austin, Capitol of Texas; home of the University of Texas at Austin, the nation's largest public university with a student enrollment of over 50,000. The Austin area has a population of over 1,000,000.

Campus Location: This 40+ acre campus is located in Northwest Austin in the Hill Country of Texas. Within 10 minutes are Lake Travis and Lake Austin. It is a scenic area of Texas oaks, cedars and other native trees. The campus itself is a low maintenance native landscape.

Other corporate research campuses in the area are Schlumberger, 3M, and SAS Institute and Financial Industries Corporation. The nearest malls are a 15 minute drive as are the hotels and entertainment centers. Residential areas are less than five minutes.

Site Characteristics:

  • 131,818 Square Feet
  • 40 acres
  • 1.1 mile crushed granite walking trail
  • Current Impervious Cover: 19%
  • Entitled Impervious Cover: 40%
  • Expiration of PDA: 2008
  • PDA Renewable
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Main Entrance, Austin, TX

Building Gross Area: 131,818 Square Feet

  • Building A - Offices with 33 Laboratories: 98,835 sf
  • Building B - Fabrication Shop, Warehouse: 10,864 sf
  • (AB & BC Corridors): 5,018 sf
  • Building C - Process Development Laboratory: 7,234 sf
  • Building D - Drum Storage: 2,091 sf
  • Building E - High pressure test cell: 2,804 sf
  • Building F - Dry Storage: 4,972 sf
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Laboratory, Austin, TX

Building Specifications: Exterior

  • Tinted double-pane glass windows
  • Brick exterior
  • Native Texas Landscape
  • One large tiled courtyard for group gatherings and one small garden courtyard.
  • Proximity card key access with three exterior cameras.
  • Parking - 116 spaces
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Lobby, Austin, TX

Building Specifications: Interior

  • Brick, stainless steel and glass finish materials in the building lobby.
  • Sunlit Atrium with a well appointed furnished lounge area, plants, and artwork.
  • 9 foot ceilings and efficient floor plates with virtually column-free space.
  • 9 foot wood, solid core doors
  • Horizontal mini-blinds
  • Spacious polished stainless steel elevator
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Office, Austin, TX

Laboratory Systems

  • Single Pass Air, 8 to 12 air changes per hour
  • Deionized water (10 mega ohm)
  • Steam (15psi and 150psi)
  • Vacuum, Lab (27" Hg)
  • Dedicated HVAC Systems
  • AST approved
  • Chemical fume hoods - 4 in most labs
Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Research Campus Laboratory, Austin, TX


  • Perdenales Electric Cooperative - 2.2 Acres reserved on site for substation.
  • Can be dual fed from City of Austin.
  • Site Electrical Feeds: 2 Circuits rated at 12.47KW 600 amp.
  • Switch Board Capacity: 15000 amps
  • Electrical Transformers: Rated 8000 kva
    • T1 - 750 kva (PDL)
    • T2 - 2500 kva (Site)
    • T3 - 750 kva (PDL)
    • T4 - 2500 kva (Site)
    • T5 - 750 kva (Site)
    • T6 - 750 kva (Site)
  • Extensive 480/240/120 volt distribution.
  • Emergency generator - 500 KW feeds lab exhausts, security system and telephones.
  • Rated HAZ Class I, Division II for specific test and process development (Bldg C&D;).
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) feeds telephone, HVAC controls, process controls.
  • Isolated power for sensitive equipment.
  • Lightning protection for all buildings.
  • Dual circuit lightning per office.

Natural Gas:

  • Southern Union (Texas Gas Supply).
  • Uses on site - boilers and laboratory service.


  • SBC (Southwestern Bell)
  • T-1 lines on site
  • Cat-3&5 computer cabling
  • Siemens - Rolm Switch and desk units.


  • City of Austin
  • Size of line - 12"


  • City of Austin
  • Size of line - 8"

Building Systems:

  • Variable air volume distribution system.
  • Fresh air - 20 CFM.
  • Three cell cooling tower with excess capacity.
  • Chilled water recirculating system.
  • Water softener.
  • Main Building (A) Four mechanical rooms; four office air handling units; 7 lab air handling units.
  • 100% outside air make up for lab supply.
  • Extended plenum exhaust system.
  • Molded stack exhaust system.

Mechanical Systems:

  • Redundant HVAC systems built in.
  • Fully sprinklered fire system.
  • Addressable fire alarm.
  • Dual centrifugal compressors (625/300 tons).
  • Dual 150psi steam boilers (350/200 horsepower).
  • Multiple air compressors (225 SCFM).
  • Dual air vacuum pumps.
  • Nitrogen distribution system with 1500 gallon tank (leased).
  • Hot water recirculating system for building HVAC and process supply.
  • Deionized water system (7200 gallons/day with 1500 gallon holding tank).

For additional information, please contact:

NAICIP, Austin, TX

NAI Commercial Industrial Properties Co.
Jerry Heare, SIOR
Phone: 512/346-5180


Frank S. Niendorff, SIOR
Phone: 512/346-5180

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