June 10, 2004
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(2001) The February 16 issue of Science and February 15 issue of Nature contain the working draft of the human genome sequence (U.S. Human Genome Project).

Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting, June 23 - 24, Reston, Virginia

UW BioArray Center: Microarray Data Analysis Workshop, June 21-22 & July 13 - 14, Seattle


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NW Biotechnology & Health Technology
Salary Survey Coming Soon!

Applied HR Strategies, a leader in pay data for technology-oriented organizations, will soon launch the Northwest Biotechnology & Health Technology Salary Survey. This new survey is the only northwest-based survey of pay and pay practices in the biotechnology, medical device and biomedical sectors. National surveys, while comprehensive, have very limited NW regional coverage and are expensive for particpants. The NW Biotech & Health Technology Salary Survey is a fraction of the cost of the national biotech surveys, and will be 100% northwest.

The survey has been under development for several months by a team of leading biotechnology and medical device professionals. Data collection for the inaugural edition of the survey will be conducted in December and January with the survey results published in March 2004. For more information, please contact Doug Sayed at Applied HR Strategies (425.827.3881) or access the following:


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Metanon: The Biocode Adventure -- DNA Gentics Board Game

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