June 10, 2004
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(1900) The science of genetics is born when Mendel's work is rediscovered by three scientists - Hugo DeVries, Erich Von Tschermak and Carl Correns - each independently checking scientific literature for precedents to their own work.

Oracle Life Sciences User Group Meeting, June 23 - 24, Reston, Virginia

UW BioArray Center: Microarray Data Analysis Workshop, June 21-22 & July 13 - 14, Seattle

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Jun 9, 2004 - Jun 12, 2004 

Molecule to Market: Biotechnologically-derived molecules versus traditional small chemical entities: at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, Vancouver, BC, for information, please call: 780 492 0950. 

Jun 11, 2004 - Jun 14, 2004 

ISTR: Biotechnology for Professionals: for location and information, please call: 206-443-8450. 

Jun 21, 2004 - Jun 23, 2004 

U.S. Federal & DoD Medical Research Acquisition, Logistics & Technology Conference: at Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, for information, please call: 703-807-2753. 

Jun 23, 2004 - Jun 25, 2004 

MedEdge 2004: at Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN, for information, please call: 952-582-2970. 

Jun 26, 2004 

University of Washington Surplus Auction: at UW (1117 NE Boat St.), Seattle, for information, please call: 206-685-1573. 

Jun 29, 2004 

Patent & High Technology Licensing: at San Francisco, CA, for information, please call: 800-260-4754. 

Jun 30, 2004 

Patent & High Technology Licensing: at Beverly Hills, CA, for information, please call: 800-260-4754. 

Jul 20, 2004 - Jul 24, 2004 

Summer in Seattle Symposium: A Course in Interventional Cardiac & Vascular Therapies: at Westin Hotel, Seattle. 

Jul 28, 2004 - Jul 29, 2004 

Micro Nano Breakthrough Conference: at Airport Sheraton Hotel, Portland, OR, for information, please call: 509-375-3919. 

Aug 9, 2004 - Aug 11, 2004 

IBC’s Drug Discovery Technology® World Congress: at The Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, for information, please call: 508-616-5550 ext. 1004. 

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University of Washington Microarray Workshop

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