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Tired of the one size fits all Internet advertising? Want to target your marketing? Want to maximize your advertising budget? Advertise with Oregon-Bioscience.com and cost effectively target your advertising budget locally within Oregon, by region or nationwide for the same low rate. Oregon-Bioscience.com is now part of a specialized rapidly growing national network of biotechnology and life science related "trade association" based web sites that represent more than 1,000 biotechnology and medical device companies, non-profit research institutions, universities and supporting service sector companies across the United States.

Oregon-Bioscience.com Advertising Benefits

  • Access our rapidly growing national trade association network that currently generates more than 60,000 regular monthly users.
  • More than 250,000 monthly page views from nearly every state and more than 100 countries.
  • Translations to German, French, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish to support international marketing.
  • Oregon-Bioscience.com is the Internet gateway to the biotechnology, medical device, and life science industry in the state of Oregon.

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