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(1969) A survey by the FAO's Crop Ecology Unit reveals that only 28% of the approximately two million germplasm samples held worldwide are being stored properly.

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Oregon Bioscience Association

  • Ann Bunnenberg, (Co-chair) Electrical Geodesics
  • Lew Nashner, (Co-chair) Neurocom
  • Carey Wendle, (Treasurer) KPMG
  • Chuck Davis, Hemonix
  • Mary Erichsen, IBM Life Sciences
  • Matt Kramer, Exelixis Plant Sciences
  • Frost Lee, In-Med
  • Rich Linton, University of Oregon Research
  • Jenny Moede, Waggener Edstrom Bioscience
  • Lew Nashner, Neurocom
  • Nan Newell, Federal bioterrorism task force
  • Bill Newman/Gordon Hoffman, Northwest Technology Ventures
  • Todd Sherer, Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Sandy Shotwell, Altabiomedical
  • Mya Thomae, Mya Thomae Consulting

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